Water Sampling and Water Testing

Samplescience has your field sampling and testing needs covered, whether it’s to meet trade wastewater agreements, potable or environmental sampling requirements. Since 2005 Samplescience has established itself as a reliable, quality and service-oriented provider; working with water authorities, a broad range of industries with trade wastewater agreements, companies and institutions with water recycling plants and for consultants commissioning plants or conducting site investigations. Samplescience provides field testing services that are independent, trustworthy and professional.

Samplescience field samplers are fully trained and experienced and use the right equipment for the job. Field parameters tested include;

Plus, we have a comprehensive fleet of autosamplers for 24hr sampling services.

Samplescience provides scheduled field testing based on customer requirements and as part of the service, all collected samples are sent for testing at NATA laboratories. Working with a number of reputable laboratories means that the most suitable can be selected to match customer needs.

Trade wastewater is our sampling specialty. Laboratory results can be interpreted, and customers can be provided with easy to understand reports including comparison tables which contrast results against water authority specified parameters. These value-add reports allow customers to immediately identify any deterioration in water quality that could compromise compliance with water authorities.

In addition, Samplescience can provide expert consultation to assist customers with specific water quality issues or to make recommendations for improvements to wastewater management.

For further information about our field sampling or consultation services, please contact Samplescience on (03) 9431 4338 or email enquiries@samplescience.com.au


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