Water Monitoring Equipment

If you need specialised water monitoring equipment, Samplescience is your one stop shop. It may be for:

  • Measuring large scale water flow volumes in apartment complexes
  • Construction sites involved in tunnelling or excavation to measure ground water levels and quality,
  • The food and beverage industry
  • The aviation industry
  • Managing harvested water systems
  • Water dispensing systems to tankers

Samplescience will assist you to select the best solution based on your requirements and will supply and ensure the smooth installation of your equipment. Systems can be portable, have solar powered options, include flow, pH, conductivity, water quality and temperature monitoring and can be telemetry based for data logging and information reporting.

Use the experts to get the water monitoring solution that’s right for you; call Samplescience on (03) 9431 4338 or email enquiries@samplescience.com.au.


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