Trade Wastewater Systems Build & Support

Samplescience is the smart choice for businesses needing to comply with trade wastewater management requirements. With satisfied customers across a broad sector of Victorian industries, including food and beverage production, educational institutions, manufacturing and chemical production, construction sites, re-cycling facilities and landfill operations, Samplescience provides businesses with end-to-end solutions for their Trade Wastewater Systems Build & Support needs.

Samplescience can supply your trade wastewater interceptor and pH control system, tailored to meet your unique requirements. We also replace and install parts as well as provide expert advice in many aspects of trade wastewater management and in other areas of our expertise, such as water sampling and testing.

Businesses using our scheduled services can “set and forget”; as we routinely and professionally run maintenance checks, which include cleaning, calibrating and testing equipment to ensure accuracy and compliance. Based on needs, we provide field service reports which are used to meet industry audit requirements or be sent to water authorities. In addition we can provide ongoing water sampling and testing.

Samplescience are the experts in Trade Wastewater Systems Build & Support so you can focus on your business, whether that’s making award winning cheeses or beers, educating the next generation of scientists and leaders or building Victoria’s infrastructure.

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