Trade Waste Consulting

Putting a trade waste agreement (TWA) in place with a water authority requires specialist skills. Take the stress out of this process by using the expertise of Samplescience. We can assist you with the necessary advice, documentation and diagrams required to successfully establish a TWA.

In addition, we provide advice on methodologies to identify problem areas for compliance. We also provide concepts for neutralisation, temperature control, monitoring and advice on equipment, ranging from supply, operation and servicing.

When your TWA agreement is in place, we can assist with water sampling and analysis to verify you are meeting your TWA compliance obligations. We provide interpretation of water quality testing results and easy to understand reports. If there is an issue with non-conformance, Samplescience can assist you in working with water authorities to put you back on track.

You’re the expert in your field; use the experts in Trade Waste to assist you in meeting ongoing compliance obligations. Contact us for more information about Trade Waste Consulting or our maintenance services on (03) 9431 4338 or email


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