Grey/Black Water Treatment Plant Maintenance

Striving to achieve the highest environmental standards and ratings for black or grey water recycling? Samplescience can help you meet compliance obligations, achieve maximum percentage recovery and Class A water quality. With a proven track record in managing plants at universities and city buildings that recycle up to 100KL of wastewater per day. Samplescience can assist with:

  • Routine maintenance of water quality equipment, pumps and treatment apparatus such as membrane filters and biological treatment plants: Ensuring the plant operates efficiently, maximising percentage of recovery of water.
  • Regular water quality testing: To identify any deviation in quality so action can be taken to ensure high water quality is maintained.
  • Detailed reporting on plant performance: This allows you not only to track performance, identify potential problem areas before water quality or recovery is compromised, but also schedule preventative maintenance or upgrades based on verifiable data.
  • Upgrading your system so it meets your requirements, ensuring you are meeting your environmental goals.

Samplescience is the expert in water quality management; call us on (03) 9431 4338 or email to discuss how we can assist you with your black or grey water recycling requirements.

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