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Do you require accurate flow metering for either industrial production or trade waste agreements? Why settle for second best? Samplescience can meet all your flow metering requirements; from concept, installation (above or below ground), commissioning, servicing, on site ‘in situ’ verification to battery replacement for remote bi-powered meters. Supporting the leading brands, including Euromag, Yokogawa, Siemens and ABB, Samplescience can provide you with independent product selection and application advice to ensure that you get the best solution for your needs; whether you are a small business or are running a complex plant. Samplescience can ensure that all your monitoring requirements are met; whether its flow monitoring, pH, conductivity or telemetry, so you can be confident that your trade waste water flow is meeting compliance obligations and your production process control is within tolerances.

Samplescience has been successfully supporting businesses with their flow metering requirements across a wide range of industries, including building and construction sites, food plants, micro -breweries, dairies, pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, water authorities, abattoirs, tanneries and landfills. Samplescience provides support where you, the customer, come first. Our technicians have broad technical support capability; and our after sales service is not a call centre, its talking to a person who understands water, in particular trade waste and process control applications.

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