Meat Processing Plant

Location of project: Somerville, Victoria

What work was involved:

This meat processing plant, had two existing wastewater streams from their food processing plant that required to be merged into one stream then appropriately neutralised and discharged via a flow meter. The system required telemetry based data logging and alarming.

Samplescience provided a concept design for merging the plumbing system and providing a treatment apparatus for wastewater cooling, greasy waste capture and an associated large-scale recirculation and neutralisation tank. Samplescience built and constructed the full neutralisation system and completed the plumbing works. We also provided final commissioning of the treatment plant, and now conduct regular serving of the plant including chemical supply to ensure its smooth continuous operation.

Benefits of using Samplescience:

The system met and exceeded the expectations of the water authority and provided the client with a modern treatment apparatus that is future ready.

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